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Het is al lang geen geheim meer dat er veel schitterende bands in eigen beheer werken, zo ook dit Echo Splinter. Wij waren behoorlijk onder de indruk van de debuut EP van dit trio, we hadden gesprek met zanger Anders.

Written by Nico


There's no secret a lot of great bands are working self financed these days. So also Echo Splinter. We were very charmed by the band's debut EP, we were curious for more and had a nice chat with singer Anders.


Greetings your debut album is one that enters with a bang, direct high quality! Echo Splinter consists of 3 people from different countries! How did you meet or found each other?

Ameya and David studied together in the US and met that way. Me (Anders) and Ameya were both fans of Alter Bridge and part of that fan community. When Alter Bridge played in London we met through mutual friends.


When did you decide to do a band/ project together!? 

David and Ameya had been doing a couple of instrumental songs together where Ameya had written all the guitar and bass parts and then he asked David to work on some drums for that. When Ameya posted the songs on his facebook account I immediately felt drawn to the songs so I hit him up half joking half serious that I'd love to put some vocals on it. We started talking about it and I ended up sending him a demo with my vocals on it and it evolved from there. The two songs actually ended up on the EP, Last Stand and Raised Hopes. 


Who is the leader of the project (if that is the case) or the mainman that writes or are those duties shared? 

Not sure if there's a leader perse but Ameya had done most of the writing of the instrumentals when me and David came into the picture. And he'd initially viewed this as an instrumental record. For our second release we've all pitched in with different song/riff ideas so it's going to be a bit more divided between the 3 of us in the future. At the end of the day we just want to create great music so it's not that important who came up with the initial idea as long as it's something that strikes a chord with the others in the band. 


Who's responsible for the lyrics? (Can you quickly tell us something more about them? 

I've written all the lyrics and vocal melodies. Not being a native english speaker I always want to get the other guys opinions and input to make it better and make sense from a grammatical standpoint. They're all personal in a way as I think I need to believe what I'm saying to be able to do an authentic performance when recording it. That said, it sometimes takes the form of trying to imagine a different point of view and try to portray what other people are going through for inspiration. I've also used some initial song placeholder names that Ameya had as a starting point for where the song would go.


How does contact work between you guys, chatting/ mailing/ texting/ livechats?

We're mostly on messenger almost every day chatting about something music related. Then we send audio files back and forth adding each layer until we end up with a finished song. We also do the occasional online meeting because it's just easier to have that back and forth in a "live" setting when deciding on stuff.


With THE LAST STAND you released one hell of an EP! How "easily" and fast was it put together?

Thank you very much! During this process we all felt like we had some solid songs on our hands but it's always hard to know how it will be received by people outside of your little bubble. It was a pretty long process. The initial chatting between me and Ameya took place back in 2021 and then we kind of had to chisel out what we wanted this project to be. I think for the next release we'll have a quicker process as we've kind of landed on how we can work together. 


For now the EP is mainly digital, are there plans to make it available as a cd or vinyl?

For now we're only going digital. If we see a demand in the future we are open to release on any physical media as well for sure. It just doesn't make sense right now to print a bunch of stock and hope that we can sell it. 


Will you use the THE LAST STAND EP for shopping with a label, or do you like to keep it a bit more modest and in your own hands?

We're not really trying to land any deals right now. If anything presents itself we will of course consider the pros and cons of being signed. 


Seeing the fact you don't live close to each other are live shows a possibility or is that something for later?

It's a big dream to be able to play live together in the future so that's something we'd really like to do. The distance between us makes it a bit more complicated. As most bands start up playing their local scene there's a bit of an uphill climb for us to plan a tour without knowing that at least somewhat of a fanbase is there already. But hopefully sometime in the future.


Curious for you musicall influences, I'm deffo hearing some ALTER BRIDGE perhaps a tad more technical and more melodic vocal wise!?  

Alter Bridge for sure. All of us are also into Periphery. For me and Ameya there's Tremonti as well. A lot of melodic rock and metal for me. I know that Ameya is also into Funeral For A Friend and The Raven Age and Bullet For My Valentine. David is also really into In Flames and bands like Killswitch Engage and Dream Theater.


Anything left to add?

Just a little shout out to the producer/mixer for our EP Jay "Jay Kay" Vucetic and our mastering engineer Edward Abela that both really did an awesome job at giving our songs that pro sound. Thank you for the interview!




Photocredit : Aya Onz

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