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Album nummer drie voor dit Zweedse gezelschap rond Kristoffer Göbel (ex Falconer, Ex Destiny). Op hun nieuwe plaat die in december verschijnt heeft de band eindelijk hun eigen sound gevonden en is "Beggar's Hill' wederom een topper binnen het melodieuze metal wereldje! We hadden uiteraard enkele vraagjes en Kristoffer beantwoorde die maar al te graag!

Written by Nico


Album number 3 for these Swedes and they finally seem to have found their own sound. Their new album "Beggar's Hill' is yet another fine piece of melodic metal, do check it out, we had a cool chat with the man (Kristoffer) himself!


Welcome back guys, how did you all pass the time during Covid? Anything particular happened? 

Hello! We are very happy to be back. The covid years flew by and seems like a passed nightmare. Now there are different clouds on the horizon but let's keep our fingers crossed that those clouds don't start to rain all over Europe. We wrote some of the stuff for the new album during covid and started the pre recordings and demos during this time. 


After a few listens I think we can say, "Beggar's Hill" seems like the logic follow up, perhaps a tad heavier? 

Yes. We have found ourselves. The first album was just me myself and I, the second one we found our identity as a band and on this one we have found our perfect formula. Heavier sound - yes. We found amps that we think suited our sound and bring another dimension to the table. 


The plague doctor also makes his return on the artwork, has he become the band mascotte? 

Absolutely. We call him Crowler and he will be with us in some shape or form from now on. Always loved Eddie and Snaggletooth and wanted a mascotte of our own. And "he" also appears in the "Raise the Dead" video. 


The band pictures only show 3 members!? Your drummer quit? Have you found a new one already! 

It was a bump in the road losing our drummer but Henrik needed to take care of family matters. However we are ever so proud to bring my good old friend Snowy Shaw to this album. He had some time off. We needed a drummer. So he tracked the whole album and what a great job he did! We used to do gigs in a cover band together and we know each other very well and it came naturally to work together. He's just a session drummer for this album. He's got enough projects of his own. In the future we are being able to work with YouTube wonder boy Gabriel Gomér when needed. Epic drummer as well. 


There's a Templar trilogy on the new record, inspired on a certain topic or pure fantasy? 

Yes, there is. There is a Swedish book trilogy about the Templar Arn written by Jan Guillou. The songs are inspired by one book each. I could probably write three albums on the topic but let's make it a continuing saga. There are movies made as well but I'll stick to the books... The first song is about the you boy ending up in Templar training. The second song is about when he is in the holy land and under siege in Damascus. The third one about his homecoming and about him marrying his long love. The voice of Cecilia is actually sung by my wife. 


How does a 6F6 song come to live (one guy writes everything, rehearsals,...) , and who's the main composer? 

In general I write most of the stuff. It's kind of my baby but I ask for help when I get stuck, both from band members and sometime from friends. Borg comes up with some ideas and then we write together. I write all the lyrics and vocal melodies. It just comes naturally to me.


Kristoffer, I have been a fan of you for years, how do you take care of your voice? For it seems your voice only gets stronger and stronger with the years? 

You are too kind, sir!! I actually try to limit the vocal range to be more safe on the albums. My range was broader (higher in pitch) back in the days but nowadays WAY more stabile when limiting the range. I do a lot of singing all year around in my profession and I guess it keeps it up to date. 


In "Analog man" there is some Swedish language, what's that about? 

That song is inspired by the novel/film "A man called Ove". All cred to the movies but the book, written by Fredrik Backman, is one of the best ever written. The Swedish "speech" is what I would imagine a priest would say at Ove's funeral. An eulogy written and performed by my father in law Lennart. 


This is the second album for Scarlet records? Happy there? Also saw the album will be released on vinyl ( first ever 6F6 on vinyl?)

 Very happy! We are on the same level and we have become good friends. Vinyl yes - two versions. Black and limited red/black splatter vinyl. But it is not the first. "End of All" was also released on vinyl - black and gold versions. 


I see you guys play shows, but mainly in your home country is there a chance of a little tour through Europe/ Benelux? 

As of now there is no tour planned. We would LOVE to do gigs in Europe but we need partners to make it happen. So if anyone out there is interested - let us know!! 


Anything left to add?

Well in this digital day and age we would love for you guys/girls reading this to be as supportive as possible. Not just for us but to all bands out there! Put songs on playlists, watch the video's from time to time, if possible buy some merchandise, press like and follow on digital platforms and social media, EVERYTHING COUNTS! All the best to everyone out there. Be kind to one and other and don't let the madness win!




photocredit : Jörgen Hinder

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