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Thaen Rasmussen zal voor de meeste US metal fans geen ongekende zijn, Vicious Rumors, Anvil Chorus,... NU is de man terug met zijn eigen TRP project! We hadden een korte babbel met de man zelve!

Written by Nico



Thaen Rasmussen isn't an unknown name for US metal fans, playing with bands such as Vicious Rumors and Anvil Chorus,... Now he's finally back with his own band/ project TRP. Here's our little conversation.


Hella Thaen, how are you? So let's start a little while back, if you don't mind, I remember a while back it think it was on the "Concussion Protocol" tour, that on the Belgian show that you were missing, the only thing we heard rumored that you went home! Could you tell us what happened, as that was also your exit out of Vicious Rumors!?

Hello, all's good here! Well I was on the first part of the tour in Scandinavia. All I can say is I had to leave due to personal reasons. And yes that was my final exit out of the band. After that I just basically lived life and writing some tunes. Some of those tunes ended up on the TRP album. 

When did you start thinking of starting your own band/ project?

The idea to start my own band started somewhere in 2013. I basically reached out to some longtime friends and band mates, because this has been a recording project, the live line-up might change a bit. But that is the beauty of a project.  Which shows myself playing guitars, vocals, bass and some keyboards. as far as different people on it, I wanted to have different sounds and flavor on different tunes. I did a lot of the stuff on the TRP debut album myself, such as playing guitars, vocals, bass and some keyboards. As far as different people on it, I wanted to have different sounds and flavor on different tunes.

Did you write the album during the covid pandemic?

The album was basically done right before the pandemic. Obviously frustrating for so many people. I spent a lot of time working on new songs for a possible next album. . I wrote everything with Torre. Myself the music and Torre the vocals. I brought in the other guys after that and they all put their Mark on it for sure.

Was it easy finding a label? 

It wasn't exactly easy, as it was not an active situation with presents at the time. But I am lucky enough to have found two labels who work well together. So we are on No Dust from the Netherlands for Europe and Animated Insanity for the US. Now we have to wait and see how the album is received and take It from there. But if it does well, I definitely want do another one.

As thing are unclear around ANVIL CHORUS, is the band still alive on hold or done?

Anvil Chorus had been done since 2012, but when Aaron died in 2019, we did a memorial show called Anvil Chorus and friends. SO we had some friends come over like David White, Phil Bennett, Joe Bennett, Carlos Hernandez, Stephen Goodwin and Doug Piercy in the early 2020. There is talk of doing it again but to let extent I am not sure at this point. 

As a musician you've seen the scene change throughout the years, nowadays singles and clips are more important than full albums, what's your view on that?

I am still a bit old-school about putting up albums, but I know things are changing a bit for sure. Probably just depends who you talk to on that subject. But I do get it. The world and scene are changing and so are some of the fans and their views! 


Oh Yes, I am wanting and willing to tour when and if it makes sense to do so. So we have to wait a bit and see how things go... Fingers crossed. Thank you very much for your time and support for TRP!


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