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Wat denken we soms weemoedig terug aan de MTV Headbangers Ball periode. Hoeveel goeie band hebben daardoor niet leren kennen! Eentje daarvan is was het schitterende Spread Eagle! Helaas was het na 2 albums in 1995 afgelopen. Maar kijk de wonderen zijn de wereld niet uit en de band is al eventjes terug en onlangs verscheen hun derde album "Subway to the stars". Wij lieten de kans om zanger Ray West enkele vragen te stellen niet aan ons voorbijgaan!

Written by Nico


At times we think back of the good old MTV Headbangers Ball days! We lost count on how many cool bands we have discovered through the show. One of those band was this amazing band Spread Eagle. Unfortunatly the fun was over after 2 albums in 1995. But see, never despair; miracles do happen. The band reformed and their third album "Subway to the stars" was recently released. We gladly accepted the chance to ask some questions to singer Ray West.


 -Well first off lets go a little back into time, back in the day you  released two albums and in 1995 you guys disbanded, what was the  reason for that?

 At that time, I did not care for the decisions that were being made  about our careers by management and label. The label should've doubled  down on us, but they were scared to take a chance. In my mind at that time. The only way out was to walk away. After a quick conversation over beers, Paul and I agreed quite easily to go our separate ways.  Look, we all shared a very intense life experience together, then just like that it was over. "I pulled the pin, and blew the whole thing up"... Now I have PTSD ..


 -What did you guys do during the absence? Still busy in music or  totally not?

 Believe me, I tried very hard to be "totally not"! But every time it tried to get out it kinda pulled me back in!  I can tell you that I spent the immediate "post Spread" years, trying  to numb the pain of the music business, by becoming a functioning addict, and failing as many rehabs as was humanly possible... I dabbled in the NYC food scene, underground/stand up comedy, and basically trying any art or drug that would trigger some sort of  creativity...


 -Now you guys are back, what triggered this?

What triggered it was our enthusiasm for playing this type of music  together and the fans who supported the idea of new Spread Eagle songs ... It  doesn't work if there's no one to play for, haha.


 -Only you & Rob are part of the new line-up! The other gus from the original line-up weren't interested? Was it easy to find new members?

True, Paul, and Tommi had other interests at the time we asked... As for new members you think it would be a long search, but we all kinda bumped into each other. Rik is a longtime friend who happened to be available at the time we needed him. There wasn't even a need for an audition, he sets up and boom he was in, funny enough haha. Ziv came in with a fresh enthousiasm for Spread Eagle and has a great attention to detail. It immediatly made him undeniable. They both add an energy that indescribably undeniable!


  -Now you've signed to Frontiers a European label, is there any  chance you guys come over for a tour overe here in Europe? By the way  did you ever make it to Europe back in the days?

 Spread Eagle finally got to play the EU/ UK, in 2017, honestly we never had the chance to get over before that...  I don't know the exact details of how Frontiers came into play, I'm just grateful that they did, haha. Believe me bro, it on our wish list to go back to Europe and play to the very rock'n'roll audiences over there ...


 -Your first two albums are long time out of print, and are expensive on second hand markets, any chance these get a re-release? 

 We are hoping for a re-release "Open To The Public", that would be a very awesome thing. There are some great songs on there. Our debut got a re-release some years back!


 -Nowadays, the scene is quite different than before, with downloads etc... Bands need to tour and sell merch to survive! 

Going out and performing live and selling much has always been about competition. You have so many bands out there crying for people's attention. It makes it all highly competitive out there! But on the other hand competition is good for business and it keeps you on your toes! It helps the cream to rise to the top. But you are right, we have to tour and mush merch to survive and even more you need to be uber active with your fans who support your songs! Also the business model resolves around not just creating content but quality content. Plays, likes, followers,  also data analysts... it actually kinda cool to see who listens to you when and where and where most!


  -The new album sounds amazing, It kinda like you never left,  personally I think your voice has only gotten better... Did you keep this in shape?

 First off, thank you for your very cool and kind compliment.  I have always maintained my vocal health, the best I can over the years... I think my voice and singing style have evolved into something I dig working with now more than ever.


 - During your absence did you follow the scene, what are some of your  fave bands?

Hmm, my taste in music is very eclectic. I'm one of those people that listens to the Deftones one minute and switches to U2  the next. Lately I've been listening a lot to Badflower.


 -Can you tell us anything about he recording process for the new cd?

I can speak for the vocal process, it was the easiest time I ever spend in the studio. Working with Tommy Camuso and Rob was smooth and very stress free. Also I think there was something special about recording in Brooklyn. NYC has always suited my personal style!


  - Any special meaning behind the title "Subway to the stars"?

 Yes, hahaha! But I think people will find their own ...


 Anything left to add? Or a message to your old fans?

We are beyond gratefull to everyone who gave us a push to make new music and who ever supported us. I personally am very humbled by this entire rock'n'roll adventure! Thank you!








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