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I encountered this kind and beautiful lady when she joined Triaxis in 2015 as their new bassplayer. Soon I found out, that this busy bee had way more up here sleeve. So this might be a good time to introduce Becky and her bands to our readers! Enjoy!


Hi Becky, how are you? Could you for starters please introduce yourselves?

Hello, I'm Becky Baldwin, a bassist living in Bristol, UK, I play in some rock and metal bands. 


My first encounter with you was when you joined Triaxis! But that wasn't your first band right? You were also playing in Control The Storm.Don't know how many bands you are active in, but I know Dorja, Triaxis en iDestroy...

Yes, my first touring band was melodic metal band Control The Storm, we released a demo together in 2012 then the "Beast inside" album in 2015. I joined heavy metal band Triaxis in 2015, then in 2016 I formed hard rock band DORJA, and also started getting busy with rock/punk band iDestroy, too. 


As I see things passing by on your FB page, you are on the road most of the time, it must be a different and special kinda life? But I guess you are enjoying life to the fullest?

I love being on the road so much, I don't know what to do when I get home! I love visiting new towns and venues, meeting new people and old friends from all over the place. It can be tough, but it's always worth it to me. 


Lets start with iDestroy, it's a 3 piece band, tell us some more about the band and let us know how many releases you have so far?

iDestroy are an all-female rock/punk band based in Bristol. We are influenced by older artists such as The Stooges, David Bowie, the riot grrrl movement like X-Ray Spex and Sleater Kinney... But also some more modern music such as The Gossip. We released our debut EP "Vanity loves me" in February 2016, then back in March this year we released a double A side single "Annie' / '98%".


The other all girls band is DORJA. You recently released an ep with that band? How did this band come to life? 

I knew of guitarist Rosie Botterill from a previous project, and later met Anna Mylee while depping for her and Rosie's previous covers band. When Anna moved to America and wanted to form a new band, despite the huge population of musicians living in her town of LA, she felt the best fit for her band would be the girls she knew back in the UK. So she asked me, Rosie and Holly Henderson (who also later played in their old cover band) to join and we loved the idea, and soon started writing! Anna searched for a vocalist in LA and eventually came across the amazing Aiym Almas. It has been a wild ride, we have had some very tough times but the shows and the music make it all worthwhile. We released our EP "Target practice" in March this year, and played a few shows around the UK. Now we are about to head on a longer tour of the UK in July, and planning for an album and European tour next year. 


Then of course we come to Triaxis, but it's sad to hear that the band will call it quits next year? After the founders Claire &Giles left to start a family, also singer Krissie left! You & Glyn continued with new members, but now Glyn also announced his departure to join Power Quest! An understandable decision, but I think it wasn't easy to make the decision to end the band?

Yes this is a very sad time for us all, we have a great team now and we all love working together, but with so many membership changes since the last album "Zero hour", it doesn't feel right to continue under this name. I would be the only one left from that line up! New vocalist Angel Wolf-Black was a perfect fit for the band and the shows so far have been fantastic, but with our main songwriter moving on, it could mean too much will change in the music.


Is this the end of playing together for the remaining people in Triaxis? Or are you planning to start something new with certain members?

I cannot confirm nor deny any possible projects of the remaining Triaxis members! You will just have to wait and see!


Which of these bands took the most off your time?

iDestroy is probably the busiest band, we tour and write throughout the year. Because we all live in the same town it's easy to keep this going. Working with DORJA usually requires a week or so of very intense work, and then it gets easier for a while. 


All 3 bands are other genre's, which do you prefer or isn't that an issue?

I love a lot of different genres of music, but I have to say that I'm a metalhead at heart. I feel the most at home at a metal show and surrounded by these kinds of fans!


I've also seen you are sometimes active as a freelance musician?

Yes when I have weekends off I try to pick up gigs with covers bands, it pays the bills! I also occasionally fill in for other original rock bands. Recently playing for progressive metal bands Multi Story and Endeavour. 


Aren't you also a teacher who gives bassguitar lessons?

Yes I run my own teaching company Bristol Rock Centre, and I teach all of the bass students there! We also have tutors for singing, guitar and drums.


What do you admire/love so much about the bassguitar?

I like both the power and subtlety of the instrument. It is often unnoticed and the players overlooked, but if it wasn't there, the music would lose so much. I see the bass and drums as the music's direction, guitar and vocals are the decoration. All of it is necessary.


What kinda bass do you play and why?

My favourite bass for live shows is my Rickenbacker 4003, it's got a great classic look and an interesting sound. It just feels the best to play. For the studio, I tend to use my Fender Jazz deluxe V. It's sounds are more versatile and the extra string gives some more options. It's very heavy so it lends better to playing while sat down.


Do you have any suggestions for beginning bassplayers?

Take the time to play slowly and be conscious of our technique and timing always. Not only will you get used to playing more accurately, but you lessen the risk of damaging yourself. There is always time to play fast too, but only when it is mastered at a slower pace first. Oh, and just get out and play, jam with as many people as you can! 


I've seen more and more bands play without bassplayer and put it on tape, which is a big NO in my book at live gigs, it doesn't do credit to the live feel and the bass is way more inportant than lots of people think, your thoughts on the matter?

I agree with you 100%! Bass is so important! And why would you not want a bass player? They are so cool! ;-)


What does the near future hold for Becky?

This summer holds a huge UK tour for DORJA and loads of UK and German gigs for iDestroy! A bit of recording will be happening very soon I hope, ready for new music to be released in the Autumn. 


Anything left to add?

I would just like to ask all of you lovers of good music to go out and support your venues as much as you can. So many people rely on these places. Treat yourself to a beer or some nice fizz next time new bands are playing at your local. I hope to see you on the road!







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