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Not really an unknown band here at Hell Spawn headquarters, for they became twice our album of the month! A while ago we had an interview with chris Appleton. And now that they are making their way to Belgium again, a perfect opportunity to share our conversation with you all, enjoy!!!


So Chris, album number 3 is a fact and the tour for it finished a while ago, happy with how everything went? And how do you look back to it? And how are the responses on the latest cd?
I'm extremely happy & proud of album number 3, 'Never a Good Day to Die'. There is that kind of pressure on a band's 3rd album, as you look back in history, 3rd albums are very important. And I think this line-up is the strongest line-up we've ever had for Absolva it was just great. The tour was the most successful headline we've ever done, played so many countries and all the shows were extremely well attended, but a lot of loyal fans keep coming back. Some even going to more than 1 or 2 shows on a tour. The response from the CD, has been overwhelming. The fans have loved the music, and the dark vibe captured on this album. Big Success.

On the new album you and your brother finally got to write together like during the Fury UK days! How did that feel? Was kinda like the old vibe or..?
To be honest this was the first album that Luke & I, wrote properly together. In the Fury UK days, it was always I write a song, or he writes a song, and we maybe change few bits. But this album was more of a joint effort. We worked on it together. It felt great, we work great individually but together there's some sort of magic that happens.

Do you agree that the third album is a bit different than the first 2, to me it's one of that albums that really grow on you each time, dunno if I am correct, but your singing is also a bit different here and there. If you look back, you really grew as a singer, is that due to the touring or ...?
To be honest, I think all 3 albums are different. Each have their own character. This album has a darker feel to it, but still not losing the Absolva sound. My vocals have got stronger & stronger over the years. Mainly because of just constant touring, over 200 shows per year does that to you. I've never had a singing lesson in my life.

Also the artwork for the new cd is quite different, but the more you look at it, the more beautiful it gets also love the little link to the first cd artwork(s), was it time for something new? Is it pure fiction or is it based on something!
The artwork is my favorite we have done. The guy who did the artwork is a true talent. Like I keep saying we wanted a dark feel. We wanted this image of 'Never a Good Day to Die'. I had in mind the movies 'Escape from New York' & 'The Crow', a modern city that had this dark, earthy, violent look about it. We still don't know what city is, hehe, but fans keep saying oh that's our city in the future......look!!!. Haha.

Are there certain topics you like to write about?
Yes, I like to write about positive stuff. Even though we are heavy, and heavy metal mainly comes from writing about scary or violent stuff, we have that in there too, but its from the positive side of it. No matter what gets thrown in front of you in life, pick yourself up and carry on. Hence the titles & lyrics. 'Beating down the flames of justice', 'I wont back down, Never back Down', 'Live for the fight', 'Never a Good Day to Die'.

I know you are a fan of lots of old school bands, are they your main inspiration?
Your main influences and inspirations I think stay the same through your life. Its always those bands that really made the magic for you in the first place. Of course I'm always listening to other stuff too, but the likes Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Saxon, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, are all bands that I really treasure.

Who or what ever inspired you to pick up a guitar?
Simple, Angus Young, Tony Iommi & my Dad.

Looking back at your discography, which albums/ songs are you most proud off? And are there some you are not that happy with nowadays?
My thing is not to regret, if you regret something it's a horrible thing, because you're constantly thinking why did I do that? That's rubbish, because you did something because it was the right thing to do at the time, and that still stands. I think when myself & Luke listen back to some of the old Fury UK stuff, and mostly some of the Fury UK stuff before Luke & Martin joined the band, I sometimes listen and not happy with. But hey, it was a different band back then, and we were all still young & learning. Everything Absolva has released I've been 100% happy with to release. That was the whole point of Absolva, we had learnt so much in Fury UK we could execute it much better from the beginning with Absolva.

Sometimes people still shout for FURY UK songs, do you mind that? Wouldn't it be a good idea to re-record some and put them under the Absolva wings? For some people are still really wild about certain songs as we could see on one off the previous tours!?
It doesn't bother me at all, infact I really like it. We played a lot of these countries for the very first time as Fury UK, so a lot of people remember us from that. Our first extensive tour of Europe was supporting Iced Earth, as Fury UK. We played to thousands of people on that tour. I'm always in 2 minds of this. One side of me wants to just let it rest, I don't mind playing the songs live but I don't think we should re-record them, because that was then and this is now. However another side of me thinks, man, these songs are so good, we should re-record them, and because Absolva's fan base is so much bigger now, these songs will really reach out and connect to more people. Good question by the way :-)

The current line-up with you, Martin, Karl & Luke is that your ideal and best Absolva line-up ever?                                                                                            Without a shadow of doubt. Yes!

Normally Luke goes back on duty with Iced Earth next year, what does that mean for Absolva? Will you go as a 3 piece untill he is available again? Or will you look for another (free-lance) guitarplayer?
Another good question, I've not decided yet. One side of me wants to just keep the Absolva Family very close, and keep it that way. Another side of me, wants me to keep the 2 guitar thing going. We will see. Whatever happens, I will make sure it is good!

Wan't this one off the longest tours you did? Some new places? How was the response? Are there still places you would like to visit and tour?
2015 in general was fantastic for shows. We played new territories, and back to original territories. Really feel like there is a proper underground growth to the band now. We've been around a long time, and we have never stopped. Fury UK, Absolva, Blaze Bayley, my solo album. I haven't stopped touring & releasing 1-2 albums per year for a long time. Next I need to get Absolva to Scandinavia, Sweden, Norway, Finland. And really extend the tours even more. The goal is 20 countries. We're not that far off.

As you once said, coming from tour makes me restless, and that resulted in a solo cd, right now you worked on the new Blaze Bayley album and will tour with hum for a while, is that different than when touring with Absolva?
Working with Blaze is only slightly different to be honest. He is just like us. Hard working, wants to get it right every night, very driven. And of course is basically is the same guys plus Blaze minus Luke. I really enjoy it, because I take a break from lead vocals, and can concentrate on guitar, and Blaze is a great frontman. Always has been. I remember when we toured Greece, and he turned 100 people from being stood with their arms folded and looking stern faced, into 100 people head-banging, fists in the air, screaming. Tough audience but he did it.

Any chance in a second solo cd or is that something for later?
I'm so busy with Blaze & Absolva I've not really had time to do anything else this time, but I'm thinking maybe an electric solo album next, with lots of guests.

You'll be back in Belgium soon, co headlining Wizzfest, looking forward!?
Very much looking forward to it yes!!! Wizzfest was our first time playing Belgium all those years ago, so holds a lot of fond memories for us.

Anything left to add?
Check out our new Absolva album 'Never a Good Day to Die'. Come and see us at Wizzfest. Also check out the up-coming Blaze Bayley album 'Infinite Entanglement', released in March. See you on Tour. Thank you so much to you all, for your help & support.

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