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After they blew me away with their second album "Give 'em war" these Spanish thrashers are back with their newest masterpiece! People who like Megadeth, Exodus and Testament, can't get around this band. Now that they signed a deal, we believe that this talented and promising band is ready for conquer Europe and the rest of the world. We send the band some questions. Check it out!!!!

Well maybe for starters for the people who do not know ANGELUS APATRIDA, can you introduce your band? (members, when you started etc..).
Well the band was born in the Spanish city of Albacete in the year 2000, almost the same members that nowadays wich from late 2002 are Guillermo Izquierdo at lead vocals and guitars, David G. Alvarez at guitars, José J. Izquierdo at bass and Victor Valera at drums. We play thrash metal very influenced by the Bay Area and the NWOBHM, German thrash metal, hardcore and death metal as well!

Just out of curiosity, what does ANGELUS APATRIDA mean?
Hahahaha to be honest we didn't like this name in the beginning, we know it's the less commercial name for a metal band hahaha! It mixes Spanish and Latin language and can be translated into English as renegade, fallen or stateless angels.

I discovered you somewhere in 2008 if I'm not mistaken with your second cd "Give'em war". How were the reactions to that album?
Fuckin awesome dude!! "Give 'Em War" album took the band to the main stream of the spanish metal scene! Unfortunately it didn't have much distro outsides Spain but some through underground labels in Germany, Italy or USA, but thanks to this album we finally entered the best metal festivals in Spain and we were able to join a 3 years tour in Spain, Portugal and France!

Did that second album deliver the deal with Century Media? For how many cd's did you sign?
Yeah, maybe we can say that "Give 'Em War" woke up the curiosity of the label, thanks to this some guys of the label came to a show in Spain and finally they liked the band and offered us a deal. The agreement with Century Media is very awesome, let's say that we are going to work with them for a long time hehehe, at least we hope so!

I was glad you guys were finally picked up by a decent label, to me you are one of the better thrash bands of the newer generation! I guess you were very content that a great label like CM showed interest in you guys!?
Thanks dude! Of course you can imagine, Angelus Apatrida was a self-financed band and we almost lost the hope of ever signing with a decent label. Imagine our surprise we signed with one such as Century Media. When the guys got in contact with us we couldn't believe it, it was something like 'hey bro, what the fuck??? Century Media, really????' hahahaha, it was like a dream come true!

Right now I'm only missing the first cd, is it still available? And is "Give 'em war" also still available for interested people? How do you look back at those cd's?
No, for the moment "Evil Unleashed" is out of stock, I think you can get some digital copies through iTunes or Spotify but physically is sold out. "Give 'Em War" is still available but just maybe 400 copies can be bought at our shows so guys, don't miss the chance to see us in Belgium and get your copies! Hahahaha... We still look back to these albums and we are very proud of them and what they mean, they were totally self-financed and put the band in the highest of the Spanish metal scene, of course they are not as good as "Clockwork" but were the best we could write and record at that time, we are still very proud of them.

You are on a European tour in September with WARBRINGER and SKELETONWITCH? What do you think of the other two bands you are supporting?
Yeah dude, it's  fucking awesomet!!! It's the very first time we join an European tour and it is incredible! "Clockwork" is our best album and I'm sure it is making European headbangers thrash like maniacs so guys wait to see us live, it's 200%!!! Warbringer and Skeletonwitch are two great bands that we admire and like very much!

Dunno is there a chance you will re-release the first albums through CM or do you rather focus on new material for the moment?
Yes for the moment we are thinking and focusing on "Clockwork" and the tour, maybe later we can talk with Century Media about our first albums but now it's time for "Clockwork", yeah!!

You guys are from Spain, every now and then we hear of some bands from there, but can you speak of a vivid scene? Or is it hard for a band to survive there?
It's very hard to survive here, even more if you sing in English or play a different metal music style. We have an inner metal scene with great bands singing in Spanish, and other scene's with a lot of new bands singing in English and playing thrash metal that are the future of the scene, Spain is going to be the new country exporting great bands!

Listening to your music, I must say you guys are very much inspired by great thrash bands like, MEGADETH, EXODUS en TESTAMENT right?
Well more than bands, we are influenced by genres, but yes Megadeth, Exodus or Testament are three of our favorites! But there are a lots more bands that are very important for us like Iron Maiden, Pantera, Machine Head, Anthrax, Annihilator, Sepultura...

Do you have any goals set out for ANGELUS APATRIDA?
I think the main goal nowadays is trying to gain a foothold in Europe and stabilize the band there, and then try to go to the rest of the world, Angelus Apatrida is here to stay and not to be forgotten, so we will work hard for this, this band should be one more thrash metal band in the history!

Anything left to say or a last word.... Otherwise go ahead!
Thanks for your time and we hope to see you all at our show in Belgium, SALUD!



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