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There have been rumors of Tim "Ripper" Owens (Beyond Fear, Iced Earth, and Ex-Judas Priest) singing on next Winters Bane album. I wanted to let everyone know exactly what's going on. Tim and I have been talking for some time, off and on about recording a sequel to "Heart of a Killer" our 1993 release. In the last month or so Tim and I both agreed that if the right conditions were met, like the right label, contract, tour support and other details, we would put forth our best effort, making of course, another "Killer" album, and do a major tour. At this point Wendy Dio Niji Management is still accepting offers from labels and will continue to do so until the begining of next year.
We've had some ideas for the making the follow up for some time. We have both been busy in other projects and until recently have been fortunate enough cross paths again. So keep your fingers crossed and you might have another Winters Bane/Ripper album in 08.
Lou St. Paul

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