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In Aevum Agere from Italy, a bandname that circled the internet already quite a while. At last they released their official debut "The shadow tower". A masterpiece of doom metal. The traditional way, the classic type. A term that goes for the album as well. Enough reason for a chat with bandleader Bruno Masulli.


In Aevum Agere isn't an unheard name for the doom insiders, you're out there for quite some time now (demo, single, ep) but it took an awful long time to get this official debut out! How come?
Well, In Aevum Agere was not the only band I played and I was so busy and unfortunately I had not yet stable members in the band of IAA. Slow times for various reasons.

Even without exaggerating I hear elements from Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Trouble, Solstice, ... in vocals, in songstructure, in riffs and solo's. Are those your main influences as well?
Yes, Candlemass is the real main influence. No problem to say this but other influences come from other styles and genres. Mainly thrash metal and power metal.

I'm not the only one to mention the big names in the doom genre to describe In Aevum Agere. I guess it's a compliment but it also sets the standard and expectations very high for you guys. Is this an extra stress factor or rather a challenge to live up to it?
Not the only one and surely this is great compliment but I think you can find also lots of personality in the sound of In Aevum Agere, each song have its style and the riffs and structures are versatile.

"Dominio" is sung in Italian. I think the first doom song ever (?). Did the atmosphere of the song, the lyrics work out better in you mother tongue or is there another reason?
Absolute spontaneity, both as regard its structure and language. One of my guitars was tuned lower than IAA standard and I started to play the first riffs of the song and I began to sing in italiano, nothing easier. I love to sing in English but I like to sing in other languages could inspire me, I had already been experimenting with the Italian language, verses and ancient language  in other projects of mine, and I love to sing in this way too.

Words like 'solitude',  loneliness' seem to return quite often in your lyrics. They describe a melancholic emotion that perfectly fits doom metal off course, but it also seems an emotion that keeps you busy (or inspired?). True?
Wonderful question, thank you! The meaning of  shadow tower turns around the deeper emotions of solitude and delusion. Yes, solitude is an important element of my lyrics and personal conception of existence. Loneliness, sorrow and lack of comprehension, loss and oblivion, I saw that in the eyes of lot of unlucky people, old men, abandoned people, and often their solitude becomes a condemnation, as a disease, a point of no return!        

All 5 songs of last year's ep "MMXI" are on this album. And glad I am;-). Are the other tracks more recent or older stuff left on the shelf?
During the shadow tower editing I decided to release a cd preview for promotional use, all the songs are more recent or songs composed completely for the shadow tower, no one song is taken by former demo cds.

On YouTube there's a awful lot to find, also all tracks of your first demo "From the depth of soul", any chance for an official release or an appearance on later albums because those are stand out songs as well?
Internet is a wonderful way to promote your music, and for an underground band that's greater utility, no, personally I'm very cautious in using youtube, I use it only for official releases, live, and very old material appearance.

You have a history in thrash/speed metal bands as well, where does the interest in doom metal for your own band come from?
Of course but I always loved doom metal too, I can tell you I loved Candlemass, in love of this kind of music, singing and evocative atmospheres, about 9 years ago (this was a period of full composing activity for me, not only for my thrash metal band) I began to composed few "Candlemass style" songs and some years later I decided to record a demo cd called "from the depth of soul".

Another reason for the previous question are the two bonus tracks "Son of unknown" and "Ire of solitude", because there's quite a thrashy undertone in them. Right? Is that the reason why they are mentioned as bonus tracks?
Yes, sound of these songs was so different than the album, anyway I decided to record both of them and I included the songs as bonus tracks.

The artwork follows a consequent feel of 'old masters obscure painting'. Something you do yourself?
I love this kind of painting, it's realistic! With this kind of artwork, light colours and ethereal images I tried to describe the sense of desolation and disillusion, the dreams, the sorrow and the abandoning.

Obvious question: are there plans for touring? And the most important, how about plans for Belgium;-)
Well, it's hard for an underground metal band to plan an entire tour but we will be in Germany in September, anyway I'm searching gigs in the countries we had a positive response and reviews, Belgium is a country where we're receiving wonderful reviews from the  metal webzines and I'd like to play there.

In conclusion: future plans you like to share or reveal?
I'm finally compose the latest songs of second release and I hope to begin new album recording before summer.



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